Things to Keep in Mind

  1. When you have something to do, discipline yourself; don't take the easy way out. Don't give up. Say to yoursealf, "Mind over matter", I must contol. Push yourself!
  2. Respect your seniors for the ski;ll they have developed. Respect yourself and respect your classmates. In respecting others, you will have more for yourself.
  3. Think anbout what are you being taught and how it might relate or apply to previous training you have had.
  4. Learn to recognize things that are similar in applications - the way things start, the way they end and the way they flow.
  5. If you are hit consistently with a certain technique, ask questions. Try to correc the problem early.
  6. Learn to watch your seniors and try to see the timing they use, defenses and techniques and ask questions.
  7. Don't blame your opponent so much. Blame yourself for not being able to deal with his or her attacks. Don't hide behind being a beginner. Think on a higher level.
  8. A true TaeKwonDo practioner is constantly watching for something new and different - that little something that may make a difference in the execution of technique. Also, he/she is constantly thinking of what they are doing.
  9. Believe in yourself! Don't say, "I can't." Don't think negative. You cannot progress with doubt in your mind. You must have goals to reach and believe you can reach that goal no matter what.
  10. Until you experience some of the results of positive thinking, drive and will power, you have no idea of what type of power is hiding inside your mind, body and soul.
Lawrence ChangComment