Things to Know

  1. First known man to start martial arts was an Indian monk by the name of Budihidharma (Daruma) who brough the art to China about 1500 years ago. It was taugh whith emphasis on mental and physical development.
  2. The head instructor of Secrease's Martial Arts Academy is Master Sudan Muhammad, his rank is 6th degree. Your instructors are Mr. Titus Taylor, his rank is 3rd degree and Mr. Lawrence Chang, his rank is 2nd degree. Their instructor is the late Grand Master Luther Secrease, his rank is 7th degree.
  3. They system that you are studying is TaeKwonDo (Moo Duk Kwon.
  4. Other systems of TaeKwonDo are - Chung Do Kwon, Yun Moo Kwon, Chi Do Kwon, Chang Moo Kwon and Oh Do Kwon.
  5. TaeKwonDo was officially changed from Tang Soo Do to TaeKwonDo on march 19, 1965 under the leadership of Chairmain Choi Honhi, a retired Major General and Vice Chairmain Lee Chongwoo.
  6. The phrase Mind Over Matter means self control, the ability to mentally deal with a situation because you decide to do so.
  7. Moo means way of art, understanding, respect, love, weapon. Duk means big and Kwon means association.
  8. Tae means feet, Kwon means hand, and Do means a way to study. All together TaeKwonDo means a way to study of hand and feet.
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